Monday, 5 June 2017


Welcome to our June Blog Hop.

 If you have come from Jo's blog welcome and I hope you are enjoying reading about all the ideas and being inspired. Welcome Jo to our blog hop. the more the merrier and I love all our adventurous bloggers. If you want to go back to Alison's Blog then follow this link.

The theme this month is to use the colours Glacier, Sapphire and Whisper.  So I got out these colours in my card stock and put them on my desk.  As I was looking at them to get some inspiration I realised that I had been working with these three amazing colours for the last couple of weeks.  I have a group of ladies who get together every month and recently we have been doing the Workshop Your Way by Close to My Heart.  It has been such a joy to do these kits where nearly everything is supplied.  The Workshop My Way that I have been using for this month was the " No Worries" Kit.

What do I like about these kits:

All the paper you need to make 3 double page scrap booking layouts is included.  That is the design paper, plain paper, stickers, ribbon, sequins.  They all mix beautifully together and you can download instructions on exactly how to create the scrapbook pages.  All you need is some adhesive and some photographs.  I so loved this pack that I actually bought two and just need to put my photos on the second set.

The other think I love about these kits is you can do them in a group.  Just get 2 or 3 of you together in a room, around a big table and you can sit and chat and talk through the instructions and within 2 hours you have completed 3 double page scrapbooking pages, add your photos and you feel really proud of what you have completed. You may want to do it on your own and it will not take as long but you won't have someone to chat with, drink tea or coffee and eat biscuits.

Below are my completed pages:

I have a group that gets together once a month on a Wednesday and we make the scrap book pages. Once we have completed our pages we then go ahead and make the cards that are included with the instructions.  Most of the time this does include stamping and so you will need to purchase the stamp sets, thin cuts - maybe, and the stamp pads.  When you are in a group maybe only one of you needs to supply these, unless you want a set for yourself.  In my group I always supply these extra items.  If you would like to join me on a monthly basis to create one of these kits then contact me by email at and you can join a group already going or we can organise another one.

Well the cards in this kit were wonderful, you made two of each card and below are the ones I made exactly from the instructions:

Once you have finished making up the scrap booking pages and the cards you still have some paper, stickers, ribbon and sequins left.  What I normally do is create as many scrapbook pages and cards as I can with the left overs and all I have to do is supplement by adding some card stock for the backing pages.  What I have left is so little that you can easily put into your scrap box to keep for later but you never feel like you are overwhelmed with too much paper etc.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the wonderful Workshop Your Way kits and if you wish to purchase one today or even tomorrow then go to my website at and check out all the brilliant kits to choose from.  They are wonderful and give you so much joy.

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Friday, 5 May 2017


If you have come from Alison's blog welcome and hope you are enjoying reading about all the ideas and being inspired. If you want to go back to Alison's Blog then follow this link.

National Day of Thanks Blog Hop.

Well this year National Day of Thanks is on Saturday 27 May 2017 and is a day to celebrate people in your life and to send them a message of thanks.  One of the ways is by sending someone you are thankful for a thank you card and I have found that a hand made card from someone is one of the most memorable ways to say thank you. 
So how do you make a hand made card that will celebrate this National Day of Thanks.  I have purchased from Close to My Heart some beautiful stamps that can be used to make individual cards to send on this special day.  So today I thought I would highlight some of the stamps you can use.

First stamp is "Happy Heart" A1192
 You are able to make some beautiful quick cards as the sentiments hold their own and all you need is some colourful cardstock or paper.

 Second Stamp is "All the Thanks" B1536.
This stamp is so easy to use on the outside of your card or as a sentiment inside.  Using different stamp pad colours help make these sentiments stand out beautifully.

 Third stamp is "Scripty Thankyou" A1206
This is a special stamp because it also has a Thin Cut that will cut out the perfect oval shape to place this stamp on and then attach to your card or box and it is ready to give with a grateful heart.


I hope these images have given you an idea of what you can do to celebrate National Day of Thanks.  You have time now to purchase the stamps plus paper and make some beautiful cards and gifts to send out.  If you want some help with any of your projects please check out my website for Close to My Heart at

Just a small hop back to Alison this month.  scissorspaperheart

If you would like to join a class and make some cards, especially thank you cards, please join me at my Card Buffet class on Tuesday 9th May 7.30pm til 9.30pm.

Thank you so much for joining me on this blog hop.

Create, Collect and Craft today

Regards Kerry

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


If you have come from Alison's blog welcome and hope you are enjoying reading about all the ideas and being inspired. If you want to go back to Alison's Blog then follow this link.

Pinterest Inspiration  -  Washi Tape

Our challenge this month was to look at our pinterest feed and pick a project to try and maybe inspire you to try a new technique.
I have been using pinterest for awhile now and have been obsessed with finding projects for my washi tape.  I have lots of it and it lasts forever but I really love the effects of washi tape and so it pops up on my pinterest feed all the time. I thought you may be interested in a technique that popped up on my pinterest this week. I also have been obsessed with using what I have as well as buying all the new products so this project is highlighting the use of old products and how they match beautifully with new products.

 This was a really simple card but used lots of simple techniques.  The card stock I used was Seaglass and Raspberry and cut them at 5 1/4" x 4" and 5" x 3 3/4".  I then cut some white card stock at 4 3/4" x 3 1/2" . The washi tape I chose was some thin Thistle and Blossom that I had in my stock and added it with Everday Washi Tape Z3211, which is on sale at the moment.  I placed the washi tape randomly on the edge of the card stock and then folded it over so it gave a nice edge.  Once I had done that I placed the card stock into my embossing machine - Cuttlebug - and used the arrows embossing folder.  This embossing folder I have had for a while and had never used, so today was the day as it matched with the arrows on my washi tape.  I found the journalling box unused on my Sugar Rush Compliments X7215C. I had completed my "Workshop Your Way" Sugar Rush and I still had some wonderful pieces left to use on other projects. I then used my Raspberry stamp pad and stamped "Happy Birthday" using the stamp " Tagged with Love" C1614 which I had also not used for a while but any sentiment would work.  I then stuck all the levels on with my trusty Duck Tape and my card was finished. Of course I used the card and envelope that I purchased from Close To My heart a bulk pack of 50 white cards. Check out my shop at and you can purchase your own bulk pack of cards, at $23.00 it is such a great price.

My inspiration came from the following photo which I found on Pinterest and the photo linked to a blog called

Hope you enjoyed seeing my project. To see some more inspiration then hop over to Cindy's Blog by following this link.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Welcome to this month's Blog Hop

If you have come from Alison's blog welcome and hope you are enjoying reading about all the ideas and being inspired. If you want to go back to Alison's Blog then follow this link.


I have often been asked what are some tips when creating scrapbook pages and I have found that the "Art of Three" is a great start.

First Art of Three - Three colours 

When you are thinking of what papers to use just choose three.  Thank you to Alison for choosing three colours for this blog hop, that I probably would not have chosen for myself. Since I had only three colours to choose from I found that it freed me to be more creative.  Looking through my paper for Seaglass, Whisper and Black I found that Close To My Heart had the plain paper but they also had patterned (B & T) that incorporated these colours.  So I checked out the "Uptown Fundamental Paper" and there was some spectacular Whisper and Black patterns to use.

 Once I had decided what paper to use I got out all the papers that fitted in with the theme and put them aside.  I then looked at my embellishments and found that the "All Together Complements" matched and mixed excellently with this theme.

I had two types of pages to create for this month, one was a Heritage page and one was a Family Home page. So I used the same colours for both projects.

My first one was the Heritage page and I wanted to use a particular photo of my Uncle Alan when he joined the Navy so I created a page using the three colours and tried to create a heritage feel to the page.  I really enjoyed going back to a basic format of lots of mounting and enjoyed using the three colours in this way.

Second Art of Three - Triangle Effect

The second page I created was to use the same colours with a contemporary feel.  I love doing  double page spreads and with only having three colours it made it fun and simple.

With my double page spread I also used the great tip from Close to My Heart which is the triangle effect on a page.

I was not sure what embellishments to use from the pack as there were so many.  So I took one of the suggestions and pulled out only the embellishments that were in that grouping. So this also made it simple to add these to my page with the triangle pattern.








Third Art of Three - Embellishment groupings

As you can see by the grouping of my embellishments I used the next "Art of Three" tip. The idea is to use an anchor piece then add a main piece and thirdly add a sparkle to the grouping.

See below a closer view of my embellishment "stacks"

Hope you enjoyed seeing my project. To see some more inspiration then hop over to Cindy's Blog by following this link.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Infinity Card and Beyond

Hi Everyone,
Last week I ran a class teaching a group of my friends how to make an "Infinity Card". The beginning of creating the card was really difficult but once you got the foundation done the creating of the card was great fun. Of course before doing the class I needed to learn how to make the card myself so I could teach it to my friends. I am a real scaredy cat learner and I like to see a finished project and recreate it as I am not great at imagination. I was fortunate enough to go to a training workshop and one of the projects we learnt about was the "Infinity Card". One of many projects shown on that day. If you do not know what an "Infinity Card" is then at the end of this I have put a video for you to see my card.
For the last 3 years I have been attending these workshops and then passing on what I have learnt to some of my friends. I have learnt all about embossing which I had always seen done on cards but always thought it was too hard for me. I have learnt how to use watercolour paints, how to blend using pencils, how to stamp in many different ways like rock and rolling and masking. All methods I had seen on Pinterest and Utube but always thought was too hard.
What has changed over the last 3 years is that I joined a wonderful company called Close to my Heart. I joined because I wanted to get good quality supplies for my scrapbooking. As you all know I love to put the wonderful photos my family hsve taken and put them in albums.  What I did not know about this company was that I would learn so much about paper crafting in general. As a consultant I get the opportunity to try new products, learn new techniques, use old techniques in new ways. I have been invited to attend training workshops where I can see these new techniques first hand. What a privilege.
Since attending these workshops I have learnt how to do such great projects that I am compelled to show my friends how to make them too. It has been such fun learning new techniques then having the desire to show others how to make the same project.
If this sounds like you in any way. That is wanting to learn how to make these wonderful projects and being able to purchase the tools to complete them. Even wanting to then show these techniques to your friends then why don't you become part of my team and we can learn and teach new techniques together.
Close to my Heart have a wonderful Consultant special on this month and if you would like more details please contact me direct by email or check out my website at


Would absolutely love for you to join me in creating, learning and even teaching.

See the video of my card below. I am really impressed by myself.  Thankyou to Gaynor for her teaching of this project at our last training workshop. It had been such an inspiration.
Bye for now

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Welcome to the first blog hop for 2017

If you have come from Alison's blog welcome to the Paper, Scissors Heart Blog Hop.

I have started the New Year with fresh insights into the products created by Close To My Heart.  I have been inspired by the beautiful papers that are created by Close To My Heart and how versatile they are for all my crafting projects.  As you know I love scrap booking but sometimes I can get overwhelmed with deciding what will go with my photos.  Well I have made a discovery with Close to My Heart papers that makes creating my scrapbooks so easy.  It does not matter which paper you use as the basis of your scrap book page - with Close to my Heart papers your photos ALWAYS look amazing.

The papers on offer in the new Seasonal Expressions are beautiful and I managed to go to a class with Chris Lothian over January and her page layouts are simple and stunning.  So using the new Sugar Rush paper we created a simple layout.

The layout required me to cut out strips of paper and different widths and one slightly different in length. I created the layout  first and then I had to decide which photos to add my layout.  I was spoilt for choice. Every photo combination I used fit really well on this layout.  So I decided to try the same layout using papers found in my Annual Inspirations catalogue.  I used Enchantment Fundamentals.  With the same group of photos I could use the same layout. With every different paper combination I created a new look.

I also found if you turn each paper over you get another great layout.  So using a small amount of patterned paper you can create a great album.  The layout may be the same but it never seems to look that way.  Once you add the beautiful embellishments to the page you add the WOW factor. One thing I did find was that the embellishments from all the paper packs seem to mix really well with all the other papers. Check out all the wonderful paper and embellishment at

If you want to follow what is in store at the next blog then pop over to Michelles page and see what inspiration you may find.

Monday, 5 December 2016


Christmas Traditions - Mine are.....

Welcome to December Blog Hop. If you have come from Alison's blog welcome and I hope you enjoy all the beautiful Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Trees

I love Christmas Trees, putting them up, decorating them, putting presents underneath them, hanging all my son's beautiful hand made Christmas Decorations, even the ones they made when they were 2 year old.  I just love it on Christmas morning when all the presents are under the tree and the wonderful look on everyone's face. Even now they are older and taller than the tree the boys still get excited about the whole adventure.  Though no Christmas Tree this year as we are away and will be using someone else's Christmas Tree to put our presents under.  So I have created lots of little Christmas Trees to brighten up my house and make it look like Christmas is coming.

These trees look fantastic in a group and really give a festive feel. They are really simple to make especially if you have a Cricut machine. On one cricut mat you can cut all circles to make one tree.
As you can see from this photo from Cricut Craft room all the circles can be cut using only one piece of paper. The mat is a 12" × 12" so easy enough to measure circles yourself if you do nit have a cricut machine. The circles are 6", 5", 4", 3" 2". For my Christmas trees I cut out two lots of circles. One from the Florence paper set - which is not available now - and one lot of Old English Ivy card stock.  As all our papers have two sides I was able to contrast easily. In the new paper packs that are available now you can easily get some beautiful trees made. If you want a larger tree just cut larger circles.
Once I had cut out the circles I then used my bone folder

to fold each circle into 8 folds and then cut the tip off so that it would easily go on the skewer. Before gluing the paper on to the skewer I created a base for each skewer using Plaster of Paris, so they would easily stand up.

It was a great project to do so many trees but even one on its own looks wonderful.
I absolutely love making Christmas decorations as well and using my Cricut machine makes it even easier. If you do not have a Cricut machine then check out my website at or send me a message at There is a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal on the Cricut machine and get the Flower Market Digital collection as well.

If you love Christmas then hop along to Cindy's blog